Regardless of the level of the licence, an NSW agent must learn a CPD course once every 12 months so that they can continue to work in the next year. A CPD certificate will be issued on graduation. Assessments only, no exams. Once granted, an agent may apply to NSW Fair Trading for licence renewal. The training topics are about law, sales, property management, marketing, accounting and business operation etc.

6 - 9 hours of training in total, including,

  1. 3 hours training on elective topics, and,
  2. 3 hours on compulsory topics.
  3. Extra 3 hours on business skill topics for Class 1 Agents. (Not in effect until 2021 CPD year, from 23/03/2021-22/03/2022. It means the Class 1 Agent only needs to do 6 hours same training as Class 2 Agent in the 1st CPD year, from 23/03/2020-22/03/2021)

The Elective topics are delivered by Vision Training in the form of recorded video course and or live webinars. The Compulsory topics are delivered by MRT Training RTO41529 in the form of online reading and quiz.

​Length of the course


6 hours for a Class 2 Agent and 9 hours for a Class 1 Agent (6 hours in current CPD year). It will then take 1 week to process and issue the CPD certificate. Application to NSW Fair Trading usually takes 1 more week to be processed.

Graduation Certificate to be issued on completion of the CPD course

  1. Class 2 Agent. CPD certificate, soft copy,
  2. Class 1 Agent. CPD certificate, soft copy,


Note you will pay a separate fee to the NSW Fair Trading when renewing a Certificate or Licence. For more information, please visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Hi, I’m Alex. I believe only a real teacher with real experience can help a student to achieve their career goals.

Alex has been working in the real estate sector in Sydney Australia for over 13 years. He is well known in the industry for his excellent sales knowledge, leadership and management skills. Alex is still active in the real estate industry now. Here is some of his career achievements. 

  1. Sales record. 46 residential properties a year.
  2. Team sales record. 700 million worth of residential property.
  3. 13 years of real estate industry experience.
  4. 6 years of training experience.
  5. Founder and Director of LongRunRealty
  6. Founder and Director of Vision Training

Alex holds 3 Master Degrees in Accounting, Logistics and Business Administration. He is also a Class 1 Real Estate Agent and a registered trainer and assessor.

Check out what our previous students say.

Joey KO

"Choosing Vision Training is one of the best right thing in my decision, I have finished my certificate and my property license from Vision Training, and I really appreciate their training. Alex is a very chariness, patience and responsible person, I'm very grateful for his help."

Recommended by Joey Ko | Director | KYK Global

Kevin Zhou

"High quality course, efficient learning experience. I was able to finish the course quickly thanks to Alex's guidance. Highly Recommended".

Recommended by Kevin Zhou | Head of Sales | Poly Australia

Na Jiang


Recommended by Na Jiang | Director | Haituo Group


Vision Training’s clients include top tier developers and real estate agencies, including Meriton, Poly Australia, StarryLand, LandPearl, APEX, PIA, LW Phoenix, Macland, GC Realty, Cubecorp, CLG Group, etc.  

Some of our students are on company executive and director levels, such as Kevin Zhou, General Manager Sales from Poly Australia, Phillip Foweraker, Head of Sales from LW Phoenix, and Na Jiang, Director from Haituo Group.

We created a well-balanced course with less work and high quality. There is no excessive amount of assessments like other training schools. For example, another school has 100 multiple choice questions in the 1st section of a Unit. There are 5 sections in this Unit. In our course, you only spend 1/3 of the time compared to that of the other training school.

Yes, you still get support after you graduate. Either a seminar, webinar, or an article will be organised monthly to update all of our students, including the past students, the new rules, changes, cases, sales skills, etc., No other training school offers this service.

Only the best real estate agents may become teachers with Vision Training.

As real estate agents, we only teach you what we do every day. ‘A fake teacher is somebody who doesn’t do what they teach. A real teacher is doing what they teach every day. ’ – Robert Kiyosaki. Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Vision Training delivers all accredited courses with the industry's most respected training school MRT Training RTO41529. 

We have a long term development plan in the vocational training sector. This means we will not lower the training quality for more sales, issue certificates directly without training, or give out answers to students to copy. In every auditing by ASQA, MRT Training is able to meet the compliance requirements while some of the other schools got suspended or deregistered.

Our course fee is just 85% - 90% of the industry average. For example, the industry average fee for the NSW Assistant Agent Course is $595 and you only pay $508 with Vision Training.

A hidden 10% off. All Vision Training course fee includes 10% GST which you can claim from the Australian Taxation Office in the tax return. All other school course fee does not include GST.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions or Student Handbook for detail.

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NSW CPD - Class 1 & 2 Agent

Suitable for NSW Real Estate Agents holding a Class 1 or Class 2 License

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Vision Training | Real Teacher | Real Knowledge

Vision Training works closely with the renowned training school MRT Training (RTO41529). All the certificates of accredited courses are issued by MRT while all other certificates are issued by Vision Training.

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